ISO files? (Sorry for two threads so quickly)
Okay another question (sorry, I'm kind of computer illiterate). What exactly do I do with the ISO to run it on the emulator? The .rar file it created was like 4.2 gigs yet when I extract the files from it, there isn't even a gigs worth of files extracted... I guess I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to do, just in general... Note, I already tried running the CD directly on the emulator, and I must not have good enough DVD drive, as the whole program just froze up. (Yes, directX is updated also).

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Uh... once you have a .iso file change your cdvd plugin in PCSX2 to 'Linuz ISO cdvd' then when you run the emulator with "file > run cd/dvd" for example just choose the .iso file you just created.

Make sure you check the configuration guide, so you don't have to ask for everything :P
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