ISO not showing up
I downloaded PCSX2 version 1.2.1, and have also got the ISO file for Transformers the game. When I do the first time configuration, the ISO file does not show up therefore I cannot get on to the main PCSX2 page. What can I do so the ISO file will show up, because I've been trying for ages and reinstalling the file and PCSX2 1.2.1 doesn't work.

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what do you mean by "doesn't show"
care to post a screenshot ?
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Sure. This is a screenshot of the bios file and the pcsx2 config page in the setup. It doesn't make any difference whether the 'Use default settings' box is ticked. I've also tried different versions of pcsx2 and it hasn't worked.

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That is not a a BIOS, it's an ISO.
Do you even read the config guide?
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