Ico "lagging" even at high framerate
Somehow Ico appears to be randomly lagging at certain places, but upon checking the framerate I see that it is running at a very steady 60 frames per second even when it looks like it is lagging and has severe input delay.

Also (probably unrelated but idk) The dialogue sounds are not at all synced with the game. It is a couple seconds early and sometimes not there at all. Some sound effects seem to be missing as well during cutscenes.

My emulator version is 1.3.1-20150701205009. My EE and VU clamp settings are at "extra" as recommended for this game. My resolution is at 2x native with all the recommended hacks for this game. Speedacks are all enabled with EE cyclerate at 3 and VU Cycle Stealing at 2.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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Speedhacks are causing this. Set we cycle rate & vu cycle stealing to minimum to see what your real framerate is.
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Yeah, I figured it out just after posting this lol. Thanks

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