Ico, stuck at the beginning (bug?)
I have just started playing Ico and rescued the princess from the cage and killed the shadow at the beginning of the game.
Ive read on the internet that theres supposed to be a cutscene after this and then i have to take the princess over to the idols so she can open a door. But nothing happens, she just sits on the floor and stares at me (see added picture). Ive tried everything, from talking to her to hitting her with the stick, but still nothing Sad Ive tried running the game in both ntsc and pal but its the same thing everytime. Can this possibly be a bug? And how can i fix it?

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Do you have all your clamping set to full? that game seems to need it
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Any errors on the console log? Try creating the ISO image from your disc by using [url=www.imgburn.com]imgburn[/ur]
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First time I've heard of that issue.

Edit: Press R1 to talk to her Smile

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