Idea: HTPC interface for PCSX2 (i.e. like Steam's "Big Picture" mode)
One thing that would be particularly awesome for PCSX2 to have is proper support for HTPCs. A layout in the same vein as Steam's new Big Picture mode would make PCSX2 even more ideal for use on HTPCs (home theater PCs). I attached a rough draft of my idea for how PCSX2 might look like with such an interface:

The picture shows two separate screens - a library (to replace the CDVD menu in normal PCSX2) and a "Your PS2" system control thingy (to replace everything else). The library is supposed to be a bookshelf-esque display of the game cases. The "Your PS2" section provides most of the rest of the options available in normal PCSX2.

I haven't worked with PCSX2 before so I don't have a good sense of how feasible this is to write. Does it seem within the realms of possibility and sanity? What do people think of my design?

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If it's done I hope it being an option, the last thing I want is to have PCSX2 on TV Smile

Some the ideas there would be interesting even in the GUI, like direct access to memory card choice. But... like most cosmetic enhancements that Artwork there will be around 99% of the total and the technical task is not that small, if you do understand what I mean...

Not with intention of hijacking your thread since the propositions do fit in it, so let's have some:

1 - Select game in a button in the GUI

2 - capacity to link memcards to the game being played so they are selected by default together the game's selection (preferably this can be adjustable)

3 - A big button (and I mean big) with the caption START (make boot cdvd fast the default action)

I'm sure more ideas will come to make using PCSX2 more intuitive and simple. If you can make that artwork, it would be just amazing also, that's for sure.

PS: Actually the idea is not having to go to menus just to select and play games (the menus still there, of course, for configuration purposes). That memory card binding to the selected game is a "must" in my opinion and should be implemented at the first time someone is going to work on the GUI.

Edit: I'm aware that memcard binding is itself more complex than than it sounds. One first suggestion is providing a copy from a pool of formatted defaults renamed to match the game's name at it's inclusion in a "Library". Changing that memcards binding could be provided in a "one session" way (no change in the actual binding) or made permanent.
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Why would you NOT want PCSX2 on a TV? where it would look best..

Personally I think this is a fantastic idea. Although using PS2Lunch or another method to create game profiles and then add those to steam so you can launch them directly from BP is just as good.
There are GUI frontends for this task. Try googling for hyperspin, although there are many others, but it seems hyperspin is the more popular option and nicer looking. You can customize multiple emulators with it, and I assume pcsx2 as well. I believe the hyperspin forum has a few threads regarding pcsx2 and hyperspin. Like I said though, there are other options. Just have to google around for them. Personally I don't know too much about it all yet, as I'm in the process of setting up a htpc myself.

One thing I would love is for somebody to develop an actual use for the Xbox guide button, or ps3 home button. I envision something similar to consoles, where you press or hold the home button to bring up a menu, choose a game, and play. Smile
(01-24-2013, 06:51 PM)Mr.Bonkers Wrote: Why would you NOT want PCSX2 on a TV? where it would look best..

Because the screen is bigger? You know most 50inch or bigger tvs have the same resolution as 24inch monitors, right?
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