Ideal Default Settings
Just wondering if there is a optimal setting that gives maximum compatability, at the expense of visuals - iv'e been blindly fumbling around for some time now, and have managed to get most games i have to run at more or less 100%, but was wondering why a game - God Hand for example (there are others), i can run full speed, with 3x internal resolution without any problems - and yet exactly the same settings in Sly 2, give horrible framerate & visuals that are horribly blurry and pixellated (still haven't managed to fix this).

Is it worthwile having multiple different PCSX2 rev's or should i just get used to manually adjusting the settings for every game? (currently using

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There is no one size fit all setting. The best setting depends highly on game and to some extent your pc. And for the internal res it depends how hard the game is on the gpu, it doesnt always correlate to the graphic quality of the game.
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