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Ideas for Botting/AI

New to the forums here, so there may be a more appropriate forum to submit this too, but I thought I'd start in general.

I'm looking for some ideas to extract data from games to code input responses. Essentially I'm trying to create a AI to play CPUvsCPU matches for a twitch league.

The primary type of information I'm looking to extract from a game is the output of matches such as which team was victorious and ideally damage numbers. I was hoping I could find some identifiers to go off from the log file, but so far nothing is consistent enough to indicate what characters are playing or the output of matches. Appears to just be a log of animation sequences.

Has anyone seen something like this done before with PCSX2 or have any ideas I could go off to start researching? Right now I can only think of using some kind of image AI to pickup "Winner" or "Loser" messages. 

Thanks and Happy Sunday to all of you!

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