Im at at a loss. please help
I have the new vision of pcsx 1.0.0 im trying to run ffX. in some areas and videos it speeds up to 80fps and in others it slows down to 30. the average speed is about 40-25fps. im in an area right after aron first joins. outside by the save sphere. its at a measly 15-20fps.can some one help please

i have

processor---------------Intel core i7-3720MQ @ 2.60GHz
Graphics card-----------NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M

cant i just use my own graphics card to run it instead of virtual ones like Direct3D11 or 9 that it comes with?if so how?

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use default setting and recommended speedhack!!!
(12-15-2012, 03:05 AM)knightt Wrote: use default setting and recommended speedhack!!!

i have tired this already. it seems not to work. i mean i have a pretty powerful computer. but can i use my own graphics card to run it?
make sure you enable the MTVU speedhack, also make sure your laptops power profile is set to "High Performance" or "Maximum Performance" if you don't have the other one.

The only other thing you can do is keep your laptop as cool as possible.
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(12-15-2012, 02:53 AM)Fallen-S36 Wrote: cant i just use my own graphics card to run it instead of virtual ones like Direct3D11 or 9 that it comes with?if so how?

You seem to misunderstand a bit.

DirectX is not a virtual graphics card,
but rather a tool for your graphics card to use.

Make sure "High Performance" is set as your Windows "Power Plan".
Don't enable Speedhacks quite yet for this particular game,
you really shouldn't need them for FFX.

Do tell us what you've set the internal resolution at.
Also, any other changes you've made to the settings may help.

You could consider monitoring your CPU temps and active clockrate while emulating. It could very well make clear what the problem is. It is safe to say your laptop's hardware has more than enough power to run a relatively easy game like FFX, so something is wrong.

Try programs like CPU-Z to see the clockrate,
and HWMonitor for checking the temps.
hmm I am also thinking optimus isnt kicking in for pcsx2 either so the pc is forcing it to use the intergrated intel igp which sucks. I assume he has optimus since he is running an nvidia gpu.
Not always,
but is still possible with a 675M...
Doing kinda good for an IGP, though. lol
The internal resolution is a big factor there,
so maybe we should just ask...

@ Fallen-536:
Got Optimus...?
The Intel HD 4000 is good enough for FFX at 3x resolution. Unless he is using 6x...
The performance of the HD 4000 is greatly effected by the system memory clock (shared).
But even with 2133Mhz DDR3,
I'd be surprised if there wasn't slowdowns on some occasions at 3x...

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