Im lost AF
I had to create an account just to complain and ask for help on how to cheat and or use the cheats.

I want to cheat for a PS2 game called Dark Cloud.

This is what we are given:
gametitle=Dark Cloud [SCES_502.95] (EU) PAL
comment=patches by Jlagreen

comment=Infinite Cash

comment=Infinite Health Toan

comment=Infinite Health Xion

comment=Infinite Health Goro

comment=Infinite Health Ruby

comment=Infinite Health Ungaga

comment=Infinite Health Osmond

comment=Never Thirsty Toan

comment=Never Thirsty Xion

comment=Never Thirsty Goro

comment=Never Thirsty Ruby

comment=Never Thirsty Ungaga

comment=Never Thirsty Osmond

comment=Inf Fishing Points

comment=Weapons Do Not Take Damage

comment=1 Fight For Weapon Level Up

comment=Level Up Weapon For Max Stats
Where am i meant to put this wall of code? Nothing in this forums points me to an answer. The only thing i got is to download cheat engine but thats it. No where does this site tell me how to use a line of text or where to put it.

No where on this site is there even a coherent answer as to hoe to even begin using cheats, only on how to MAKE cheats.

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- Make sure you have cheats enabled (1.6.0: System > Enable Cheats | 1.7.0: System > Game Settings > Enable Cheats)
- Make sure to place the PNACH file in your cheats folder
- Make sure the PNACH file name matches the CRC of the game
- Make sure the cheat are you trying to use isn't commented out
- Do NOT load savestates, as these will either wipe cheats out of memory, or reintroduce cheats that were active when the savestate was made
- A forum thread for finding or sharing cheats:
- A guide on the pnach format and how cheats work:

So, Yes. Being lazy doesn't help....
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please tell me if you figured this out i will be glad to help out

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