Image burn in (The Godfather ps2) any fix?

I'm fairly new to PCSX2 but I have checked Reddit and forums here, I couldn't find any answers that worked for me so heres my specs
OS-Windows 10
GPU- 2070
CPU- i7 9900
PCSX2 version 1.7.0 dev 1171
[Image: DZNlL4x] (Image reference
(I was using the standalone one version 1.6 i believe before hand but the same issue persists on both versions)

I have the disc version of the game and also put it on my pc as an ISO to see if that runs better but no luck so far. 

Whats really weird is it comes and goes off and on

What i've tried was hitting F5 to try those different methods, none of them worked
I've tried using the dev version
I tried doing the settings to see if it had something to do with the settings on pcsx2. and even moved the emulation to safest to most harmful to try if its based on that as well. 

Anyone have any advice on how to fix?

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Looks like Halfscreen issue, and don't you mean F9?

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