Image issue on these 2 games

i am facing an issue on these 2 games, when i boot them up on PCSX2 via iso image file ripped from original discs, they appear fine for the initial few minutes.

After a few minutes, the green triangular patch covers the upper hand corner as seen in the screen shots. This persists until i turn PSCX2 off , can someone shed some light on why is such issue happening?????

The games : sega ages 2500 volume 1 Phantasy Star Generations 1
sega ages 2500 volume 17 Phantasy Star Generations 2

The PC specs: intel ® core ™ i5-3230M CPU at 2.60 GHZ
Ram : 8 Gb installed
Graphics card: nividia geforce 610m

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Looks more to an rectangle than triangle to meTongue, anyway this seems to be one of the two either a texture cache leftover of some sort or some post process effect maybe a texture glitching out.

The first case is pretty much lost, nothing much to do except switching to software rendering(F9), which might be slow since you're on laptop, it's unfixable as nobody touches the sacred texture cache;p.

In the second case it potentially could be simply removed with skipdraw hack, not sure if the one from gui can deal with it, but you can try. So check "enable HW hacks" in gsdx, then configure button near it and experiment with skipdraw hack there putting some numbers. People generally recommend checking low values first, through since built-in config skipdraw hack is very limited I would go for 1000 to firstly check if it even affects the game graphics and unwanted glitch and then IF it does, go one by one with single digit values. If it doesn't help, well pretty much refer to F9 button ~ SW mode as well:].
Thanks miseru99 , it runs smoothly on F9, the green "rectangle" disappeared.

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