Hello everyone , i think pcsx2 have a problem .
I have ATI Radeon 7750 , in the normal , it core clock is 300 mhz and when i playing game , it auto running at 830 mhz .
Problem is i think my card don't know pcsx2 is a game , so that when i running pcsx2 it core clock still at 300(normal) . I hope developer will fix this . If you can fixed it i think this emu will run faster for all new graphic card .

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this is an ATI driver problem and has been discussed already (example :
It think you can configure it by yourself in CCC

Moved out of bug reports as this is VERY far from being one
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Yeah, blame AMD for that. AMD sucks at CPU hardware and GPU software (driver). I'm neither an Intel nor Nvidia fan, and I'm using both AMD CPU and GPU. It is the truth.

FYI, Dolphin forums have a thread 'bout Radeon HD 7000 series clock problem, too.

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