Important question about "can break some games"!
What do you people in here mean by that? Blink I found that issue from the "Official English PCSX2 configuration guide v0.9.7" *-thread during my first configuration of PCSX2.

I just want to be ABSOLUTELY sure about this BEFORE I'll but ANY of my PS2 games into my PC's DVD tray and give PCXS2 to read them. I'm just scared of the possibility that PCSX2 breaks my game/games by corrupting the original data somehow or it'd do something more terrible harm to the discs... Sad

Anwer quickly, please!

...if this "breaks some games" stands for problems such as "freezing" or "crashing" the game, I doubt there's more to worry about... but in that *-thread has separately mentioned crashes and freezes... so I'm very suspicious.

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lol. a little funny.
Why should PCSX2 break your disk? PCSX2 is less dangerous for your disk than you are. If you don't want to risk with your disk just, make an image (ISO) file of your disk.
it actually stands for freezing or crashing.
Won't harm your DVD
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Thanks mates. The heavy stone has moved from my heart, I'm so releaved. The expression "can break some games" was so confusing.

Yeah, somehow I was thinking about the PS emulator, ePSXe, which works perfectly... and I though "Why would PS2 emulator destroy my discs and ePSXe doesn't?". Well, now I can finish my configuration in peace. Thanks, for one more time.
Hahaahha, maybe you right. The expression suggest something harsher than it is really... it just means "break the game" (the playability), not the media or the computer Smile
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It won't break you game literately, but it may turn your fish gay. YMMV.

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