Importing saves in 2018???
Using MyMem (command line) I get this error: "Not a PS2 memory card image" 

However, the memory card file is something I just created 5 seconds earlier with PCSX2 (1.5.0 dev build).

What's happening? How can import save files? Is there another way?

PS: I'm using the command line cause the gui requires ancient dlls I can only get by compromising my pc and downloading the dlls from the internet or by uninstalling current directx/ C++ redistributable and installing ancient versions instead which is bound to cause trouble.

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When you create a new memory card,that card is still not formatted and mymc can't do anything with it.

Start PCSX2=>CDVD=>No Disk=>System=>Boot BIOS(or fast\full boot,the menu is different depending on which pcsx2 version exactly you are using)=>once the intro plays go to Browser and then select your will be asked to format the card and after that you will be able to use it with mymc

And btw just because the dlls are ancient,it doesn't mean some new program will not need them and no,you don't have to uninstall your directX(having the latest,means you have what mymc require...and don't tell me "I have Windows 10 with DX12"...that doesn't mean you don't need to install the DirectX which was updated almost 7 years ago,games from this year still require it)

MSVCR71.DLL and MSVCP71.DLL are part of some redistributable but I don't remember which one(maybe 2005 or 2008)

Older version don't interfere with newer and they are all required for something

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