Improve FPS?
I've downloaded yesterday this emulator and I managed to get MGS3 susbistence with the default plugins. The problem that I am having is that the game is playing ALMOST perfectly, with some slowdowns and some glitchs in textures. What I want to know is which options can I change to make the game play better. (also, the conversations also sound slow)

I have a ATI radeon HD 6850 and an AMD Quad Core processor.

any suggestions?

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I would suggest to enable speed hacks (the reccomended ones) and I believe that you will have no problems (if you say that game runs almost perfectly, with these the game will run perfectly Smile) as for glitches, maybe you should try native resolution... hope that helped Smile
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are you using installed 9.8? you can try various settings and such, but since you have a quad core i recommend getting a SVN,, which is a more updated unofficial version of PCSX2 which includes a new recommended speed hack called MTVU. it may help you with minor slowdowns if you don't have it+^_^+
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Thxs for replying so quickly and your support. I will try using the speed hacks, but which are the recommended ones?
They have [Recommended] next to them.
I have some graphic problems with MGS3, it is OK if I post them is this section of the forum?

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