Improving videos of the game
Hi all, I'm trying to record a gameplay of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence with improved graphics and stuff , but I'm not seeing a way to improve the FMV inside the game, even If I use the MSAA, FXAA , high resolution , etc. The character model gets greatly improved , but the FMVs looks horrible. I've  recorded a sample here:

Do you know what can be done to improve it? Also I've attached my plugin configs.

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They are prerendered, So improving them is pretty much impossible.

That being said, i adjusted the wonderful shader included with PCSX2 and i made it with Castlevania Curse of Darkness in mind, it does wonders for the game, both regular and FMV's
Shameless self link:

If you like it i'll upload a config
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