Improving widescreen hack In Jak series and maybe other games


Look at the Precursor orb

Step 1: Enable widescreen hack In pcsx2 
Step 2: Download OPL Daily Build 1580

Step 3:  In CDVD  Choose your game and dont boot it
Step 4: Run the ELF file OPL
Step 5: change rendering to software mod
Step 6: In the ELF file go to display settings change video to 576p and activate widescreen
Step 7: save your settings
Step 8: Choose exit and you will return to ps2 menu with the memory cards and your disc, play the disc
Step 9: wait for the game to get to the title screen than Switch to hardware mode
Step 10: Switch to software mode again
Step 11: Switch to hardware mode again
Step 12: now you can Enjoy the game

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