In Search of Plug-in?
So I recently got a Wii and all the old console systems are starting to stack up along with the other electronics. So I decided to check this emulator since I don't have anymore room. I dumped the bios, got my old ps2 games and even got it hooked up the the tv, but I don't have a pc gaming pad which makes it though. So I was wondering if pcsx2 has wifi and bluetooth features built-in into it that I overlooked or if there are plugins that could use to add those features. Wifi for wireless online gaming and bluetooth for gaming pads such as the Wii controller.

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If your computer have a wifi/bluetooth adapter with proper drivers. PCSX2 will recognize the input device only if your computer can recognize it.
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PCSX2 doesn't have proper support for any sort of online gameplay. There is a preliminary Dev9 plugin out there... but it's buggy and generally not worth the effort to set it up.

Bluetooth game pads generally use HID drivers that come with your bluetooth stack. If you can use the controller as a computer controller through bluetooth, it will work with PCSX2.

If you're specifically looking to get Wii controllers working with pcsx2, do a google search for GlovePIE. It's the only way to get windows to use the wiimote as a standard controller (aside from dolphin which autoconfigures it without the need of it)
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