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In-game save on memory card got corrupted.
I tried few things(editing the save state)but I wasn't able to make it detect the card.
I guess you have to start again from the memory card save.

This is what I always do when I'm using save states:
Save states are something that is used only if I don't have a way to save to the memory card right now(or I create a save state at location I like and never continue the game using that save state...for example play a boss battle or before a cut scene(I really like the evil face Mappi makes and Nikki see it for the first time.)

If I save to the memory card,create a save state after that and don't use old save states to continue the game...for example on ppsspp on Phantasy Star Portable 2 if you create a save state=>save to the memory card=>load the save state=>from not on,every attempt to save to the memory car will fail(you have to delete the save to be able to but looks like this is not the case here)

If you create a save state on one game=>start another game=>save to the memory card=>load the previous game=>I will not use the save state to load the game but the memory card save because loading a save state after you save to the memory card on another game,can lead to problems(even tho the option to auto eject=>insert the cards is enabled).

To put it simple,don't use save states to keep your progress or load save states to start the game if you saved to the memory card when playing another game.

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