In need of help with controler
I'm brand new to the ps2 emulator playground and I need help on how to configure properly ssspsx pad plugin pressure mod because I try as I might don't know how to use the anolog stick so that I can move in direction. thx in advance for any information

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If you need to use analog and d-pad separate, I think the Lilypad controller plugin is the best to use.
It seems to be the generaly prefered controller plugin, but it might depend on games or other stuff.
LX and LY are the axis of the left analog stick, RX and RY for the right one. click on these and move the stick, that should do the trick.
I tried to change the Lx, Ly, Rx, Ry but when I try to change it the countdown starts and and finishes with me not being able to change because it stay's "none". I tried to put the keyboard buttons.
That's because LX, LY, RX and RY need to be assigned with an axis, and not with a button.

You can left that ones unassigned, they are not necessary.
my system:
- Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 x86
- Intel E5300 DualCore @ 2x 2.6Ghz (not OC'ed, and i DON'T want to OC it)
- nVidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB
- 2GB of DDRII RAM (633Mhz)

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