Incomplete textures from dumping
Hello. I've previously dumped the textures of some game on PCSX2. After I've fixed the transparency issue via the alpha threshold, I've discovered there were some bits of the texture that were missing. I suppose this seems to be a plain texture without any transparencies, so where do these empty spots come from?
For instance, here are three of those dumped textures:
And here are the same three textures after I had corrected their alpha threshold:
What can I do in order to correct these empty spots? For the record, this is the VOTOMS game on the PS2 [SLPS-25827].

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I have finally figured out how to correctly convert the textures extracted from the dump. I simply painted the entire alpha channel in white as one tutorial in Youtube proposed, so the image now fully renders as a solid texture.
Either way this topic can be closed as I've managed to solve my doubts regarding PS2 textures.

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