Increasing FMV quality
Hi folks!

I'm just curious if there's anyway to increase the quality/resolution of FMVs? No matter what graphic bells and whistles I turn on/off they still seem to keep with the PS2's native resolution..

I'm guessing this is because they were all pre-rendered at such a resolution, making it tough, if not impossible to increase them? (I swear they looked better on my TV screen too, but I might be spoiled by seeing the rest of the game in higher resolution, or the fact I'm stretching a Native signal to 1024x768).

In particular I'm playing Xenosaga III..

Using PCSX2 beta 1888 and GSDX 1846/DX 10 mode.

Any input would be much appreciated..

Thank you =)

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You are right FMVs are prerendered and meant to be seen on a TV screen which has it's own filters so that's probably why they looked better for you there, nothing you can do about it really... you could try GSdx's included filters with the F7 key but I doubt they'll have the effect you want.
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Alrighty, that's pretty much what I figured. Thank you for confirming it though Wink

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