Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings status
I just finished the game on PCSX2. Fully playable with few minor exceptions. Great work, people!


game: NTSC version, plays fine both from ISO or from a disc

my PC: Athlon X2 2.8GHz, Radeon HD 3200, onboard sound, memory 2GB, WinXP SP2

emulator: 0.9.6 for levels 1 - 4, after a crash between levels 4 and 5 I installed PCSX2 beta 1474, updated DirectX and finished last two levels

settings: GSdx9, renderer hardware, no interlacing, native internal res (important), texture filtering and logarithmic z and alpha corr all enabled; ZeroSPU or PEOpS SPU - both working; LilyPad; Linuz ISO

the exceptions:
a) sound - longer dialogues have strange echo
b) menu - yellow exclamation mark over Journal pages (not present if set to software renderer, but then the game is too slow), invisible Extras menu (written in unusual moving letters), invisible remaining bullets in Indy's revolver (both issues solved after DirectX update)
c) speed - here and there random FPS drop, nothing that really affects play

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Great report, please post it in the following thread with a couple screenshots if it's not a prob Smile
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