Infinite Double Jumps? Finding the address?
Heya! So, I decided to make an account because I've found this emulator and forum really handy so far, but I can't seem to be able to find an answer for a question I have. No, I'm not here to just leech and not even try learn anything, I've tried out quite a lot and cant seem to find anything, so:

I've seen Jak 1 infinite double jump exploits where all it takes is freezing one value in Cheat Engine. I would love to achieve the same result but in a game called Scaler, I was completely wondering where I could look to locate the address of the thing that checks if you've double jumped, or if youre touching the floor.

I've tried pausing the game while I'm jumping and setting hotkeys and stuff to scan whilst I jump but all the addresses I find only shorten my jump height whenever I just when I freeze them. If someone could give me a little insight that'd be great, I have a decent understanding of memory and stuff, thanks!

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Maybe this will help:

Spyro 2 : How to find Moon Jump address

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