Ingame recording
Quote:- PCSX2 usually uses 2 threads (cores) at most*. That means that if you have a 4-cores CPU, the maximum CPU utilization you'll see is 50%, and usually a bit less. If you have a single-core CPU, most games will run slow.

I was planning on upgrading my CPU to a Intel i3 2100(2 cores, 4 threads) and I was hoping to know of that since i3 2100 has 4 threads does that mean I can record videos without dropping a fps? Does recording depend on the core itself or the thread?

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The hyperthreading feature in intel CPUs gives an extra set of scheduling units, but no extra calculations resources. So it's still two cores, just used more efficiently. In particular synthetic benchmarks, this can amount to a huge speedup; real-world, not quite so much. But a 2100 is a decently powerful CPU; you will be able to play many games at full speed, and depending on settings, can probably do low-mid res recording in realtime too.

It's not particularly hazardous if your computer can't quite keep up with recording speed; because the design of the built-in recorder is to just record as fast as it can but in such a way so that the end result will have all frames with no skipping.
I've recorded a couple of games just a few days ago and they are running at 60fps but the game(kingdom hearts) is running at 4fps while recording(10-20fps without recording).
Will my fps drop while recording with this CPU?

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