Inicialization issue
So, I created this topic because I had a problem with the initialization of windows 7, that freaking blue screen. I had to format my computer and I am afraid of installing the PCSX2 again, because the problem started after I installed it. I also installed Dolphin Emulator and I saw in other sites that it can damage your PC. So I don`t know which one, or if there was any other problem that caused the blue screen and I wanted to know if installing the PCSX2 can possibly damage my computer.
Forgive my english, I`m from Brazil and I still learning Tongue
thank you.

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No it can't damage your PC. Except in the case that your cooling system is wrecked, it could generate lots of heat but then again so could any resource demanding game. So neither Dolphin nor PCSX2 can be the cause of system instability, blue screens etc but they CAN be the trigger of some existing instability.
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i been using pcsx2 for 3 years on my old rig also 3 yrs. old but never experienced damage in my old computer....after i retired my old rig a few weeks ago.

talking about freaking blue screen.
-is your HDD is in healthy condition like "no bad sectors"
-install a correct motherboard drivers...since my Pentium 3 rig+win98 i'm getting 100% blue screen if you don't install the right motherboard drivers.
-did you download your pcsx2 in the official website.....if you download outside has a possible of damaging your PC e.g. Malicious worm,viruses,spyware,etc.
-or visited a dangerous website that has enchanted w/ viruses.
-check your number of unwanted processes in the task manager
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