Initial D Special Stage
First of all: hi to everybody!!! Tongue

Ok, let's go to the point:

I tried to play Initial D Special Stage (PS2) on PCSX2 (v 0.9.4) but it doesn't works. It loaded but then.. black screen and no sound... nothing else...
I checked compatibility list and I noticed (sadly Sad) that this game isn't on the list. I also searched around the forum if there is any topic about it.

So I have a little "favour" to ask:
Does anybody succeeded to run this game on his emulator?? If yes, can he explain HOW did he (I tried many things but... still nothing Sad)

And if nobody succeeded in that... can you work to implement this game in the next version of PCSX2?? I know that I can't pretend anything, just simply asking ^_^

Thanks for your time (and sorry for my english :/)

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IIRC the game works.
i don't know what you're doing wrong.
Can you post here (or send me in a pm) what kind of configuration (graphic I mean) I should do with a computer with these features??

Pentium 4 2,6 GHz (don't remember model)
nVidia GeForce FX 5200
1 GB Ram
Windows XP SP2

Anyways, the browser menu of PS2 is working, just the game isn't...
I'm sure that the .iso file is good because other people used same file for playing on a PS2...

Maybe I'm noob (quite sure about that XD) but I'm a bit sicked that it isn't working...
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