Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon PNACH
Can anyone give me the PNACH codes.

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So people are supposed to guess what you want the patch to do...?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Opps, i am new, sorry. Lets see....
I found this, its in RAW codes
Max Money
202619B8 0098967F
Inf PP
10261D80 000000c8
Inf Water
20161214 00401023
Inf Seeds
2015947C 00401023
You could simply use PCSX2CE, don't remember the last time I typed such codes manually thanks to it:
//Max Money
//Inf PP
//Inf Water
//Inf Seeds
WOW! thanks
How do i open it XD
You ask how to open the program or what to do with the codes?

If the program, you can generally find all info in first post, .jar file is generally java archive, but with java installed on windows it's more like an windows executable, simply double click that file to run, if it doesn't, you probably don't have java installed correctly.

The program can create a pnach file automatically with some info and even save it to correct folder, but you can just make an empty txt file paste inside the codes in pnach format and then rename the "file.txt" you created to "gameCRC.pnach" where gameCRC is your game CRC number which can be found in PCSX2 log when you run the game. Then just move the file to correct folder called "cheats" in pcsx2 directory or "C:\Users\username\Documents\PCSX2\cheats", if you activate cheats and PCSX2 doesn't find correctly named file in correct folder it'll just show an error and obviously cheats will not work.
Sorry to waster ur time but i already got it XD. Jarfix. THanks anyway. Now i don't need to ask around.
this pnach file contains
stats, money, pp, etc.

*For those who's still looking for it*

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(10-15-2013, 04:36 PM)jennarine Wrote: this pnach file contains
stats, money, pp, etc.

*For those who's still looking for it*

Sooooo instead of posting it in the thread about cheats and patches, you resurrect a two years old thread instead Tongue

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