Input delay in Hokuto no Ken
Hi all, I've been playing some Hokuto no Ken (fighting game) and noticed that there is a slight input delay. Guilty Gear has worked fine and I don't detect any in that but I can sense it ever so slightly in this. Anyone have an idea what is causing this or how to fix it?

Is it just the game in general? I'm using a pretty nice arcade stick and haven't had any input problems with it yet (Persona 4 arena, Street fighter, soul calibur all work fine on my ps3).

Thank you!

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1.Do you get full speed
2.Are you using some of the EE\VU speed hacks sliders?
Yes the game is at full speed. I just tried disabling any speed hacks but it seems to be the same or SLIGHTLY improved (I'm talking 1-2 frame input improvement maybe). Its not a huge deal but I'm a fighting game player so I can notice the ever so slight input delay. Any other ideas?

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