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InputMapper - Now supporting more devices and plugins.
(07-24-2016, 08:54 PM)civilmaddog420 Wrote: Make that 2. In 2016, none the less. If you are interested in the hardware, I can most certainly donate enough to cover the rather negligible expense of an adapter and a psone controller. You may need more than that, I wouldn't know, but you certainly know your stuff, and I have full confidence that given the resources to do so, you wouldn't have any trouble getting these things to work for the two of us who just refuse to give up on our ol-timey controllers, lol. In fact, I'm looking for a way to get mine to work with a Windows game, Forza 6. Seems to only like xbox controllers. Whadda gonna do, amirite? It may be easier for all involved for me to just get the xbox controller, but I'm wondering what you could do here... To that end, would you or any of the fellow gurus know of any way to possibly emulate an xbox controller, so that the psone controller basically gets 'translated' ? Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might share on this.

Depending on how the adapter exposes the controller, it may already work under IM 2 using the generic direct input plugin.
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IM 2 Beta now supporting plugins and even more devices.

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Thanks for the quick reply, and the heads up. I look forward to trying it, and will update as needed. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!
(05-27-2014, 11:51 PM)jhebbel Wrote:  Please note: As of February 2015 our primary source of support for this project has moved to our own forums to allow us to better organize and manage issues. is the new URL. Users who already have a DSDCS account from donating or just because log in using that account.

InputMapper 2 is nearing final release. It is designed to support all kinds of controllers, is plugin driven, and has even more mapping options made possible with mapping plugins. IM2 Beta is currently available at

Automatic profile switching based on active application, Adjustable stick sensitivity and curves for pinpoint accuracy, highly configurable custom macros, button combinations for macros to extend the functionality, full trackpad to mouse support, full rumble support (with rumble compatible games).

- Windows Vista SP1, 7, 8, 8.1
- .NET 4.5.2 *
- C++ Common runtime libraries *
- USB 2.0
- SC Virtual Bus Drivers *
- Micro USB cable **
- Bluetooth 2.1+EDR minimum Broadcom chipset (Windows BT stack) ***

* Bundled with installer
**Required for wired mode only. USB cable must be a full data capable cable. The USB that comes with PS4 and most cellphones are good for charge only.
*** Required for bluetooth wireless mode only. While some users have had success on stacks other than the Windows stack, the Windows BT stack is by far the most successful.
*** Due to the constraints of the project, and the cost involved in developing for varying hardware, we are unable to fully guarantee compatibility with various BT adapters, the best we can do is to say which ones have worked for us thus far, it is recommended to visit our forum thread and ask around for suggestions from other users who have had success with various BT adapters.

A Note About Donations
A donation of $2 or more to the project will result in your login being upgraded so ads are removed from the tool.

Donate HERE (via PayPal)

Help and Tutorials:
How to install and pair the DS4 with your PC
How to map non controller supported games to your DS4
How to use macros to to steady my aim in first person shooters
How to disable the DS4 lightbar but still use it to determine battery level
Having trouble pairing? Try these steps.

Clean easy to navigate GUI
Improved GUI makes accessing the programs features more intuitive and user friendly

Advanced stick mapping and control
Allows for precise stick tuning giving greater precision and control in game

Easy Button Mapping
With presets for common mapping for non controller supported games using WASD, Arrows, Mouse and more

Web Interface
Add full control to your controller and the DS4Windows tool without ever having to leave your couch

Primarily usefull with NYKO's new cellphone clip for the DS4, but can be used without.

Shows live controller information through AJAX

Fully customizable macro programming
Incase the DS4 does not hae enough features for you out of the box, you can add more using our WYSIWYG macro creator

Create macros that do simple keystrokes or advance key combinations

Change controller settings via macro

Trigger macros not just with single button presses, but with button combinations and trackpad gestures, giving your controller an unlimited number of button possibilities.

Download the latest installer HERE

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Just another update.

InputMapper is getting yet another application to add to the lineup; InputMapper Lite.

*It will streamline the process of using a DS4 even more
*Eliminate many of the fringe features to create a smaller, lighter, faster tool
*Utilize a new hardware library that I have been working on that *should* add support for more BT dongles previously unavailable.
*Self diagnose and fix common issues, such as issues with SCP drivers.
*Run completely from the system tray

I am also working on an Update for InputMapper 1.5 (soon to be 1.6)
Technical changelog
☐ Remove references to System.Threading, adapt to System.Windows.Threading
☐ Remove all uses of System.Windows.Forms
☑ Update Singleton/Mutex signature
☑ Remove interop calls that are causing false positives where IM is recognized as a game.
☑ Incorporate Windows UI Toast notifications (remove old popup window)
☑ Remove lingering bit of game detect API
☐ Update active app recognition
☑ Integrate website updates and feed into a page in the app
☑ Tweak currently connected controllers display
☐ Obliterate uses of Thread.Sleep()
☐ Use WMI for device notifications
☑ 3 stage connection process with redundancy for Windows 10 AU
☐ Non MAC reliant hardware interaction library
☐ UAC using IM 1.1 Cloud interface
☐ Missing macro functions added to UI
☑ Stick dead zones bug
☑ Fix profile save error when in use NEW!

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[Image: LogoBusiness3.png]
IM 2 Beta now supporting plugins and even more devices.

Website | Forum | Donate $2 and remove ads from the tool
InputMapper 1.6 has been released.

Along with the updates stated in the previous post, it has a silent hands off workaround to getting past the Windows 10 AU exclusive mode issues.
[Image: LogoBusiness3.png]
IM 2 Beta now supporting plugins and even more devices.

Website | Forum | Donate $2 and remove ads from the tool

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