Insane speed?
I remember playing Shadow of the colossus years ago with gt240, athlon II x2 was started tweaking here and there, mostly no idea what i was ran at like 140% speed, today tried to do the same, no success.
Game runs unplayable slow, I think it was something about frameskipping...but I cant reproduce what i did.
Is it possible to make the game run fast as supposed to run, but skipping frames? .....I know theres an option to skip frames, but its the same.
Any help?

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That cpu won't run that game near full speed. Frame skipping will make it choppy and pretty awful
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[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
yes, frame skipping will give an unplayable-experience but, you could try using vu stealing to get a performance boost at soc.
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What might have happened was you hitting F4 (toggle framelimiter) while in a menu or a less demanding part of the game, what may have given above 60 FPS, still the previous posts are right, that CPU is not going to give you playable speed in that game at all as soon the game really kicks. Know it is a game which challenges much more powerful CPUs.
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