Insensitive Joystick problem

I've recently had trouble with my 360 controllers joystick, when pulling it either downwards or left it have to be pressed slightly further than in the other directions to register. This isn't a big problem for me since I'm used to it but recently it seems that it affects gameplay as well.

The problem is following, my character in ex. Kingdom Hearts will only move "slowly" as if the joystick is only slightly tilted even though it's fully tilted and this obviously ruins the gameplay. Is it possible to adjust this in lilypad to make the joystick register it as "fully" tilted at all times? I've tried to change the settings myself, playing around with the sensitivity settings without succes.

Cheers JuuM

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Set sensitivity of the left analog stick to ~ 1.381
[Image: newsig.jpg]
That worked out perfectly, thanks :>

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