Installing ScpToolkit on bluetooth dongle with existing built-in bluetooth radio
Not sure if this is the right place as ScpToolkit is a tool.
just a simple question as i couldn't quite find the answer after searching.

I have a PC with a built-in Bluetooth Radio.
I want to install ScpToolkit.
I bought a Bluetooth Micro Adapter for use with ScpToolkit.

Installation works fine and all but after the installation, I noticed my PC no longer has the Bluetooth icon.
Is this a known issue?
Are there any workarounds such that I can have my built-in Radio functioning as per normal while the Bluetooth Adapter handles only the DS3 controllers?

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(03-05-2016, 08:10 AM)Donovan24 Wrote:


i also found a separate workaround.
by making the dongle the main BT device, i could use the built-in radio as the DS3 BT node.
the only downside is it'll always be on since there's no way to turn off BT on Win 10 PC atm....
thanks for the prompt support!

separate qns though.
i noticed the DS3 shows up on Win 10 PC as a XBox controller and so the keys are quite different from the DS3
is there any way to force the controller to be recognised as a DS3 instead?

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