Instant crash on iso load
I've successfully used PCSX2 0.97 (official beta) on Windows to run Twisted Metal Black. Now, I'm trying to achieve the same on Ubuntu 10.10 (same machine). No luck so far. I've downloaded the binaries, installed all the libraries mentioned in the guide*, but when I attempt to load the iso it simply crashes. No error messages, nothing in the logs, it just disappears (says "Killed" in the console).
Any chance of help on this one?

*libasound2-dev, libbz2-dev, libgl1-mesa-dev, libglew1.5-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, libjpeg-dev, libsdl1.2-dev, libsoundtouch1-dev, libsparsehash-dev, libwxbase2.8-dev, libwxgtk2.8-dev, libx11-dev, nvidia-cg-toolkit, portaudio19-dev, zlib1g-dev

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Any diagnostic procedure I might undertake?
C'mon guys, please!
*desperate bump*
Ok, f*ck this. I'm removing any trace of this piece of sh*t emulator. I don't know what's worse, the application that instantly crashes on a basic usage scenario without even logging the error or developers that don't even care about helping diagnose such a serious blocker issue.
Oh sorry it doesn't work for you while there are only 2 linux developers and are doing this on their free time and for no money. The project is open source, feel free to fix the bugs yourself. If you can't at least show some respect for the work done by these people. Closed and warned for flaming. Good riddance.
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