Intel C++ Compiler and PCSX2...

I've been considering that I'll use Intel's C++ Compiler to make my own Win32 build of PCSX2, however before I continue and attempt the switch over to ICL10 or 11 in VS05, I would like to know if anybody's built it successfully with Intel's C++ compiler. Has anybody attempted to try yet? I've heard that ICL performs and compiles much better than M$'s own C compiler (Although MSVC is fast, ICL10 is very, very, very slow when it comes to compiling, but it produces builds that are a hell lot faster than M$'s own builds!)

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well just try, and tell us about your experience...
I doubt anyone have tried to compile with anything else than visual studio ... (and now, everyone use vs 2008 ).
I would be surprised if you notice any performance improvement.
Actually Intel's compiler needs to be integrated with Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 so the Windows build system doesn't change at all. All I need to to is the switch over to the Intel C++ or Visual C++ build system.

ICL 10 does indeed produce faster builds than MSVC++ when it was compared against TTAenc.exe, oggenc/dec, lame and etc... I don't know how well it performs with PCSX2 though....
Another thing you can try for speedup is compiling PCSX2 with PGO.

EDIT: Just gave it a quick try. PGO increases Persona 4' framerate in the shopping district from ~40 to ~50 for me. But do not expect it to do wonders for you, it won't give this speedup in all situations. Maybe the official beta / releases should be compiled with PGO.
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About ICL:
There's nothing major preventing a successful build with that compiler. A few ambiguous functions or so.
The thing to note here is that it worked on older pcsx2 code. It produces an exe that is very crashy, and also very slow..
And you're right, it is SLOW at compiling (10 minutes for pcsx2, 30 for gsdx) Tongue2

About PGO:
Well, I have mixed results with that. There are cases when it helps speed (Persona4 is a good example), but it also tends
to screw up sometimes.
I don't feel confident in releasing PGO builds due to the random crashes and them sometimes being slower.
Just to reiterate what rama just said, stability is our major concern Smile
I tried to compile pcsx2 using ICC, but have some errors. after some modification, compiling complete, but the link is error.....
and the GSDX has 2000+ error using ICC........
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Some time ago I tried to compile gsdx with intel's, but with ipo (whole program optimization for vs) it could not link it, just said every function were unresolved externals (after that 30 minutes Wink). Without ipo it worked, but that was just too slow. It also handles sse intrinsics a lot worse than visual c.

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