Intel Compute Sick 50FPS
Hey Guys great job, I was able to get about 50FPS using the intel compute stick and playing FFX.  It was pretty amazing.

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not bad for a quad-core 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor Smile , didn't really get a good review about the Intel compute stick from my friends though.
Once upon a time it required an E8400 to run FFX at 60 FPS.
I bet if it wasn't sick you could get 60fps Tongue
Ahhh.. Now i get it... I thought that was the brand name... I already was confused why intel calls this technology 'sick'...

just going to leave this right here for reference
Windows 10
Intel 5930k 4.2ghz/core
32 GBs of 2400MHz DDR4
AMD PoweColor 390X (GPUs are expensive or this would be in crossfire)
those baytrail Atoms get fullspeed only in certain areas but it drops under fullspeed in most part of the game.
so expect like 25-40fps ish average depending on how much is rendered in the scene.

performance wise, but only if more than 2 cores are being used, they're equivalent to one of the first Athlon 64 X2s or Pentium Ds, not even Core2Duo.
The singlecore performance is horrible and similar to Pentium 4 or older ULV celerons. 
At least they are quadcore and the GPU is DX11 capable. but thats about it.

I don't see a good future with pcsx2 on these kind of mobile CPUs if multithreading doesn't get further optimized that at least 4 cores are being used.

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