Interal Video Recording
I've been working on a project that involves recording Zone of the Enders: the 2nd runner at the best possible quality. Usually I can use fraps to capture the footage I need. But in this case the boss fights just don't flow in the way the game would on the original hardware.

So I've turned to using the internal video recorder in Pcsx2 in uncompressed mode to attempt to capture the action in the best possible way. I ran a trial run of the first section of the game, At about 8 fps, which was very slow and very painful, but hoping the video itself will flow beautifully I pushed on.

The internal video recorder produced a very very large file, with no filetype designation. It seems to work in several video players, but laggy, not as quite as bad as it was ingame, but very noticeably so. Currently, I'm attempting to convert the file to Avi after reading some old posts about this, hoping it will also somehow fix the framerate in the process.

So the tldr is; What should I do before during and after recording with the internal video recorder to ensure the smoothest possible framerate?

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is your hdd perhaps just a tad slow reading lots of uncompressed video while being busy doing the swap file? in any case just convert it and look at the result. does it look good?
That is my first guess, converting as we speak, I'll update with more info as soon as it dings.
Alright, so I finished converting it to AVI, which is a workable filetype, but It's still over 100gb. Running it through compression now. First time I've messed with this, so hopefully I'm doing it right.
Mk video looks good now, pretty rough process however, might have to plan around using it at key points.
the stupid thing you did was probably "converting" the avi. the way you wrote it, that it was the same size you probably did nothing else then repacking a avi container to another avi container. Laugh you could have just renamed or gave it the .avi extension and simply compress it.

btw the ingame recorder can record to compressed video while you play if your computer got the beef to do so.
I thought about that, wasn't sure if I was just able to rename the file. For the most part it seems to be working, however, it seems the videos that come as a result are actually faster than the game itself would run normally. Any ideas on how to get it to play at proper speed?

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