Interlacing question (Blend vs Weave) and MTVU vs Instant VU1 input lag
For starters, if I'm playing a game with an interlaced resolution and both bob tff and bff are causing shaking, what should I use blend or weave? The GUI says Blend is blurry and 1/2 fps, so will my game technically run at 30fps (for 60fps games) or 15fps (for 30fps games) if I turn it on? From what I gather "weave' doesn't actually deinterlace the screen so what would be better here, bob even though it's noticeably shaky, blend at the cost of 1/2 frames and blurriness, or no deinterlacing (weave)?

Secondly, does anyone know if MTVU and Instant VU1 have any advantages in terms of input lag versus each other? Someone told me that God Hand had noticeably less input lag using Instant VU1 over MTVU, I tried both but I can't really notice a difference, but I'd like to make sure.

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Also if I'm not getting any screen shaking on a game with interlacing set to "none" should I just leave it there?
Leave interlacing on Automatic, it will pick the best thing for you.

As for Instant/MTVU, leave MTVU on (Instant VU option does nothing when MTVU is on as it's forced on anyway), I doubt it'll make much of a different for input lag. The only other thing you can do is go to Config->Emulator Settings->GS and set the Vsyncs in MTGS Queue to 0, providing you're on a new enough build
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