Internal Clock?
I've started playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 and remembered that a few of the "wanderers" require your ps2 to be set to Japan's Timezone in order for these racers to appear.

"For wanderers 273, 279 and 288 you need your playstation 2's internal clock to
be at a certain time.  Instead of waiting for this time to come around in the
game you can go into your PS2's settings and change the time.  To do this
choose the system configuration option when you first turn your PS2 on.  This
should bring you to the Clock Adjustment screen.  From here hit triangle and
find the Time Zone option.  Change that to the Japan time zone.  back out of
that and then change the time to whatever the requirement is for the wanderer
you are doing." - Taken from:

So I'm pretty sure this emulator does not have an internal clock but I was wondering if I change my computer's timezone if the Emulator will recognize the change in game. Or is it just not possible to have these wanderer's appear at all because of this?

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since your PS2 bios' internal clock is synchronized with your OS clok, it should work as you described it
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Awesome! Thank you, I've been wanting to record this game for Youtube and that parts been bugging me quite some time. Smile

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