Internal Res Naruto Accel?
When i play with internal res , there isnt problem graphic:
[Image: PCSX2Maetel42009-10-1020-57-09-14.jpg]
but i can play on high internal res

When i play on other internal res(no native):
[Image: PCSX2Maetel42009-10-1020-58-43-35.jpg]

What internal resolution i put for "no problem graphic" ?

sorry for my bad english , i am spanish xD

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Changing the internal res creates problems and you can't do much about it. You might try multiples of the native resolution, or 1200x1200 or just try randomly, but it might be that there is no custom internal resolution without glitches
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Any internal res higher than native will create that "ghosting" effect of characters.
Deal with it or play at native res.

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