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Intrusive Net Neutrality "Pop-up Ad"
How can it be dangerous when you can see the source in github? It's perfectly safe if you know what you're doing and what it is. I don't see any reason to doubt that when several people who know their stuff have checked it out and deducted it's safe.
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(01-22-2018, 11:43 PM)Bositman Wrote: How can it be dangerous when you can see the source in github? It's perfectly safe if you know what you're doing and what it is. I don't see any reason to doubt that when several people who know their stuff have checked it out and deducted it's safe.

you making the assumption that every one know how to do that or even does. ads like this that just out right pop up and by pass blockers can easy have malicious code in it just as easy as it can be harmless. and just loading it can cause the damage which is the point.

Every site i ever went  that put ads like I stopped going,  but i been coming here for years and first time I ever seen any such pop up, so let slide it dont mean that that code ads/pop cant be dangerous. The only site I have white list and allow ads and disable the blocker for are site "I" trust that HOST there OWN AD's, which rare. other wise i dont care how much they ask to have blocker disable cause all the ad companies arnt immune to have same thing happen to there ad's and by time the fiqure our rogue ad got threw that was malicious the damage is dont.

Like said if you dont want to worry about it and support it it simple, And few lines text to page say help support it and link to. there are way to do this with out being ad let a dangerous kind. just pops up and by passes blockers Just loading ads can cause damage.

Content of AD is not at debate it way the ad is being served and type ad it is. Ad blocker are used by people so they dont have to worry about such.

If people dont see it from point of view I dont know what say other then /facepalm

Just loading ad with malicious code is enough to do the damage, one many reason blockers are used.
It's not an AD it's a pop up. Just because most pop ups are ADs doesn't mean this one is. And as I said, this IS harmless, you can see the code and we've checked the code. So your whole point is moot. I don't understand why you mention it like it could still be dangerous, are we talking about this or in general?

If we just added text no one would read it. If you believe you should stop visiting because we added a pop up that informed people of a very important (by our standards) cause, which even affects YOU, about net neutrality, then go ahead.
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Sigh, you are focusing on the WRONG thing it not about the content it about pop up ad out right by pass blocker. BTW that is POP UP ad an ad is advertisement and that is an advertisement for net neutrality. there for it is AD

Any IT the specialize in security will tell you just LOADING a pop that is infect ( again not say that ad is infected nor it content in question here) can and will infect system POP have been KNOW to effect systems to point the browser even when the cache is cleared remain infect and will continues infect the system. same goes for rogue link randomly open up pages.

If you dont grasp that and understand that is one reason so many people use blocker. cause they dont want such thing happen i dont know what say other then your delusional.

Again it not about the content so stop bring that up it about the POP UP it self and it by passing blocker WHICH can be dangerous which the whole point. there Better ways of get the point across, instead of using pop ups out right by pass blockers which CAN be dangerous.

Seriously dont grasp how you or your web master dont see or under stand why that CAN be dangerous or why people use blocker in first place. this like basic things IT people should know. Just cause you's dont understand this that Pop-up can be writen to do bad things simpliy by loading dont mean it can't happen. i lost count how many time i had spend hours to remove the bad stuff that got on the pc from just loading pop ups. which why i have put blockers on every system i never made for family and friend which has reduce the amount these incidents.

But feel free to ignore that fact.
Yes I am the webmaster so allow me to know a tad more about it than you. It 'bypasses' pop up blockers because it is NOT a popup, it's a modal window (if you even know what that is).

You can get infected by just visiting an infected website with a payload, you don't need any kind of popup or modal or whatever, you don't get increased risks with any of that, it's the exact same. Again, if a website gets compromised like that, you DO NOT need any kind of popup, modal, rogue link or anything to infect the visitor. Now since we know our ***** and know what we are doing, that is not and will not be the case ever. I'm sorry you had trouble with stuff like that, blame yourself for visiting crap websites, not modals or popups.

People use a blocker because pop ups are annoying, not because you can get infected easier by it, but because crap websites usually use popups to force ads on you and maybe get some random clicks by someone by mistake. If you want real protection, stuff like no script can and will protect you, not pop up blockers.

Our modal had no such functionality, it was NOT clickable, it was informative and you could dismiss it by either pressing escape or x, so it was not as intrusive as a pop up window, but intrusive enough to make people read it. And it was successful, as you can see from all the calls to Congress we achieved with this (but I guess you don't give a ***** about that, you should).
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