Invalid: [Bug Report] Controller Configuration has a big bug....proof
Win10.  64Bit.

Ok - I thought the problem was because I had cheap controllers - but I just bought new better ones, and the SAME problem.

See Image attached.

The Rstick is the same as the 4 main buttons (Circle, Cross, Triangle, Square).   0-4.
The Lstick is the same as the D-pad.

Surely someone else has posted this as a bug before?   What is the work around - I have games that want to use All the Joypad.

Peace - love the emulator Smile


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I've never had that happen on an official PS2 controller plugged in to my PC.
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I'm using a generic PS2 look alike PS2 controller.........but it was 20$. Looks super similar. But this is now THREE USB PS2 controllers doing the same thing (on two diffferent PCs). So must be the controllers - All 3!! or the emulator.

Is there an official PS2 USB controller?

I'm using Emulator 1.4.0
Since I started using pcsx2(0.9.1)until now I used 4 different gamepads and none of them had any problems.

So to make it clear
When you press any of the RAnalog directions,they are registered as buttons and when you press any of the XO^[] buttons they are overwriting the analog directions

Gamepads have 12 buttons starting from 0 to 11(0-9 if the L2\R2 are actually analogs not buttons like on XBOX,PS3\4 controllers)
If you type in the start menu usb game and run the tool and Properties on your gamepad,are all of the buttons and analogs registered correctly
Did you tried unchecking Dinput and enabling XInput in Lilypad and set your keys(I don't know if your gamepad is XInput compatible)
Yep - in the windows properties:

Dpad is same as Left analog stick (all register as left analog).
4 main buttons same as right analog stick (all register as buttons).

This has happened on 3 controllers now! (tested on 3 PCs).
Does this happens only on pcsx2
My first gamepad had a Analog button that when it is on,it makes the analogs to work and when it is off,the left analog was acting as d-pad

What about disabling dinput and enabling xinput...can you set keys when only xinput is enabled
Must be duff chinese controllers...sigh
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Invalid since it either was not reproducible, not a valid bug or otherwise unacceptable for fixing.

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