Invalid: [Bug Report] Controller issue with recent revisions
Hi all,

First post.

So been having an issue with my PS4 controller on Revisions e44fc33 & f965502 1.50, think I found out what it is. In the latest stable release 1.4. if I unplug a controller (sometimes have 2 plugged in) it defaults to pad 2 been disconnected but in the above revisions it defaults to Pad 1 so can't get the pad to work unless I have them both attached at the same time which isn't always possible. If I unplug it whilst the software is open its fine but if I don't have both plugged in or disconnect one before opening it, it reverts to Pad 1

Apologies if this isn't the correct area to post this, I wasn't sure.

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Think I’ve sorted this. In the Lilly pad settings, General tab under Pads I right clicked on Pad 1 and selected swap all bindings with Pad 2, so far it seems to be working... still not sure if it’s something that needs sorting for future releases or whether it’s something to do with how I set it up but that seems to be a work around?
Thank you for your report.
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