Invalid: [Bug Report] Higher screen resolution hampers game framerate
Hi everyone,

I have an issue with PCSX2, which I hoped would be fixed with new releases like 1.6.0, but they haven't, so that's why I'm here.

My issue is, I have a laptop with a 4K screen, and having the extra pixels really matters to me. However I'm pretty much forced to run my screen at 1080p whenever I want to play a PS2 game, because changing the screen resolution to 3200×1800 can affect framerate so much that it basically becomes slow motion. Mind you, it's not the GPU plugin's internal resolution, that one is set to 3x Native, and it runs at 60-ish fps almost all the time with a 1080p screen resolution. When the game is windowed at 3200×1800, it runs well, but as soon as I go fullscreen, it gets down to 50-55 fps for some games, but can drop to 20-30 fps for others. I suppose it's some sort of bug with the upscaling in PCSX2 (I've tried Right-click pcsx2.exe > properties >compatibility tab > high dpi settings and setting "override high dpi scaling" to System", but same thing happens, so itd doesn't seem to be a Windows thing). Until it gets fixed, any workarounds are welcome. Smile

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That's generally what happens when your system is overworked, yes. Even if PCSX2 is only at 3x native for 1080p, if your laptop can't handle the two tasks of 1) rendering PCSX2 out at 1080p and 2) rendering your display out at 4K, you will get frame drops. What GPU does your laptop have?
Sorry for the late reply, my laptop has a GTX 1050, however only PCSX2 uses that, all other applications use the integrated Intel Graphics 620 GPU. I understand that when the system is overworked, it can lead to framedrops, but the thing is, normal tasks like watching YouTube, dragging windows around, are fine even at 4K, and they run on the integrated GPU (which has like 25% of the 1050's performance). So I really doubt that's the issue.

Like I said, at 4K or 3200×1800 resolution, Windowed mode is fine (which runs at 3x native), but full screen is not. In either case, the screen resolution and ingame resolution is the same, so theoretically it should be the same amount of work, apart from upscaling (~ stretching) the game window to fit the screen, which adds little overhead (but not this much).
Thank you for your report.
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