Invalid: [Bug Report] Jak X - Combat Racing [NTSC]
PCSX2 Version: Official 1.6.0 release (linux) / 1.7.0-dev-1096-0dffc13 (windows)

CPU Options: EE/IOP Defaults, VUs Defaults (speedhacks disabled)

Plugins: GSdx 202103220084053 1.2 [GSdx-AVX2] [MSVC 19.26 AVX2/AVX2] (opengl, hardware)

Description: the game attempts to auto-save and then it seemingly stops detecting the emulator's memory cards. It's reached a point where I basically can't save because I can't make the game detect the memory cards even if I eject them from the menu and insert them again. I'll have to basically shut the game down and restart it in order to detect the memory cards, and even then it's fine until the game auto-saves.

Screenshot at the moment auto-save is triggered is provided below.

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Quote:The more tests the easier it is to fix the bug! Always test the latest Git build first! Get it here:
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That's the build I tested on windows. I don't know why the "pcsx2 version" thing isn't visible but I do state I also tested the latest git build as well as the stable one.

EDIT: My bad, the fonts weren't visible, I fixed it.
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Invalid since it either was not reproducible, not a valid bug or otherwise unacceptable for fixing.

This thread will now be closed and moved in the Invalid/rejected/duplicate bug reports subforum.
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