Invalid: [Bug Report] Mouse cursor GUI glitch
I'm using PCSX2 1.6.0-20200506140834, and after starting the emulator (e.g. System > Boot ISO) the mouse cursor disappears when hovering over ANY and ALL windows created by the PCSX2 application (e.g. the main app window, the console window, the settings dialog, and any "open" dialog called from within the application).  The only way to restore the cursor's visibility is to exit and restart the application.  I understand the desire to hide the cursor from the renderer window, but it shouldn't disappear from ALL PCSX2 windows.

Before starting emulator, cursor is visible, highlighting "Boot ISO (fast)":
[Image: lgMG9hK.jpg]

After starting emulator, cursor is hidden, highlighting "Boot ISO (fast)":
[Image: TghAKiz.jpg]

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Should be corrected in latest Dev builds
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Have you checked this setting in your lilypad plugin settings?

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(10-19-2021, 11:37 PM)refraction Wrote: Have you checked this setting in your lilypad plugin settings?

That did it.  Still, I wouldn't expect this behavior in any window outside of the render window.  Should be fixed, imo.
Thank you for your report.
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