Invalid: [Bug Report] NHL Hitz 2002 [NTSC-U]
# PCSX2 version: Official v1.0.0 release, as well as SVN r5366
# CPU options: EErec on, VUrec0 and VUrec1 on, MTGS on
# Plugins used: LilyPad r5258 (.11.0), r5282
# Description: Game works great except doesn't recognize multitap

SS of my lilypad settings:
I also can assure you that multitap is enabled in the config menu of PCSX2

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Multitap is pretty much in experimental stages still, so there are only a handful of games working properly with it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Invalid since it either was not reproducible, not a valid bug or otherwise unacceptable for fixing.

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