Invalid: [Bug Report] Rimococoron [NTSC]
# Pcsx2 version: beta 1474

# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
No change with microVU0 and 1 on

# Plugins used: Gsdx 0.1.15 (hardware and software dx10) or ZeroGS 0.97.1

# Description: The game fails to load and causes PCSX2 to flat out freeze. There is a black screen, and the program stops responding. The same thing happens with all graphics settings, including null.

As the program freezes, I am unable to copy from the console... But there is a long string of "ElfProgram different" lines before the freeze.

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Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Invalid since it either was not reproducible, not a valid bug or otherwise unacceptable for fixing.

This thread will now be closed and moved in the Invalid/rejected/duplicate bug reports subforum.

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