Invalid: [Bug Report] System out of Memory
(10-04-2009, 04:48 AM)rama Wrote: I'd love to help, but so far I have no idea what could be up.
Soo, did you try lowering your overclock yet? Tongue2

No, I haven't tried that yet, however, I'd expect the application to simply crash or my computer to lock up. I wouldn't expect it to complain about memory shortage and then crash soon thereafter. However, if all else fails to try and fix this annoying bug, I'll try to play it without the overclock and see how it turns out. I haven't had time to play yet, but I will do that now. As soon as windows complains I'll make a screenshot of the error, together with task manager open.

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Okay. It crashed again, however, this time I made a large sum of screenshots to provide some info to you guys. Do note that as soon as I got the low memory problem, I started opening loads of programs to load my memory even furthur to speed up the crash. If I wouldn't have done that, it would still crash, however it would take about 5-10 minutes longer for it to crash. It seems like a big memory leak to me. Note that in windows performance monitor, memory usage is fine. If you take a look at the task memory, memory usage _seems_ fine, however, if you look at the page file usage, it is nearly full! (I've drawn a circle around that number in all of my screenshots)

Hopefully someone will be able to assist me in this problem and hopefully I've provided enough info to be of any help to you in solving this problem. If you guys want more info, or want me to log the memory usage of the program in some way, please do let me know. It's easy for me to recreate this problem, I just have to play Smile

Thank you very much in advance

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I still think this is GSdx creating textures over and over. But from my experience it should show up in memory usage as well, so hmmm..
So what is causing it that it keeps on recreating the same textures over and over? And more importantly, how can I fix it? Would it be possible for me to turn on some logging function of the graphics plugin and send the report to the creator of that plugin, so he could have a look and fix the problem? And why is it that it only seems to be happening on my machine? The 1888 release is being used by a lot of people, and so is the same graphics plugin, but there hasn't been a similair bug report on these forums so far. It is indeed very weird that task manager doesn't show the memory usage, but the pagefile value is. I will prolly load my bios defaults soon and try to play without my overclock and see if that changes anything. I doubt it though, since it's rock stable in stresstesting programs and normal usage hasn't given my any problems at all. It's worth a shot, though Smile Won't be today though, as you can see at the bottom of the main page of the forums, it's my birthday today, so it's time to party instead CoolBiggrin
Congrats then Smile

And yeah, I was thinking the same thing. That bug would affect a lot of people.
I'm trying to reproduce it here, but no luck so far.
I've managed to find an easy way to figure out if you're affected by the memory leak bug, which will make it easier to figure out whether a certain setup works or not. What I did was disable the virtual page file in windows. This makes sure that RAM usage = Pagefile usage. Then you can compare the RAM usage and pagefile usage and see if there's a big difference between those two numbers. If there is, you're affected by the problem. Could you please use the _exact_ same settings with the SSE41 graphics plugin I posted in a screenshot on page 1 and disable the pagefile in windows, and see if you get the same weird huge difference? I've attached 2 screenshots to show you what I mean.


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Even after closing a game with escape, the emulator doesn't seem to clear it's cache. As you can see on the screenshot the pagefile is still nearly full, eventhough there isn't any game running. After closing the emulator, the pagefile usage instantly drops to below 1gb. I am still very confused why this is happening. Does anyone else have an idea why this is happening? Also, could someone try to reproduce the symptons described one post above this? It would help to see if I am the only one with the memory leak, or if more people are affected by this problem.


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Anybody who owns XII able to verify any further issues before I close this?
Haven't seen any indication of this after playing this game in a 2-3 hours long session a few months ago. The bug reporter said one of his friends with the same game didn't have the issue either, and there have been no other reports of it. So it was probably something outside of PCSX2 causing it.

Thank you for your report.
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