Invalid: [Bug Report] severe FPS drop GT4 [NTSC]
In Gran Turismo 4, when going to the drag strip, the FPS goes from 60 (with 3x scaling or without) to about 17 max (usually about 10). Weird thing is, I can play other larger maps at 100% speed at 1080p. More complicated maps have FPS drops, but only to about 30 at the lowest, so this map in particular has issues for some reason.

This may differ on other hardware. I have the M1 MacBook Air, 7 core GPU, 8GB of RAM. The Single-Core performance is faster, than recommended (3,773 vs 2,100) which is part of why I am confused, and reporting it as a bug. GPU perf isn't great, but that means I should be able to run it at base resolution without issue, yet the drop occurs despite resolution changes (at 1080 I lose 2 FPS).

Now after retesting with the same version in order to get a GS dump, perf only drops to 25 fps at the lowest???? While I have Chrome and Safari open??

Settings changed from default: Metal (little to no difference between any of the renderers), Preload textures, Conservative buffer allocation off, Blending accuracy Ultra (as per TelloWrinkle, does not impact performance in any way), MTVU is on

Version: MacOS 1.7 Dev 2022-02-10

I am unfamiliar with how this forum works, so if this isn't a report worth checking out, please let me know. There is a GT4 thread, but it says solved and isn't about this issue. Do I post there still?

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Thank you for your report.
This bug report has now been marked as Invalid since it either was not reproducible, not a valid bug or otherwise unacceptable for fixing.

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